Turkey Season is Dead Ahead

TH1007, Mark, Katelyn and Cole Kayser with Cole's first gobbler, copyright Mark Kayser

Turkey season is closing in fast and it’s a rite of spring every hunter should experience. As I think about the upcoming season and chasing gobblers with my son I can’t help, but think about some of my favorite past memories.

TH1018, Mark and Cole Kayser with Merriam's gobblers taken on horseback hunt, copyright Mark Kayser

I remember hunting reservation turkeys with my friend David Blanton and returning to our parked truck only to find it encircled by tribal police. Someone had called in a report about poaching. I also remember guiding some friends at a remote locale and luckily nabbing the last motel room for miles. Who knew hookers worked such faraway settings? We all politely declined. And there was the time I guided a friend and somehow we ended up within shotgun range of a fired-up gobbler as a backyard grill aficionado flipped burgers in the background. We backed off, called the gobbler in a second time to embrace the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. Yes, it was all legal.

TH1067, The Kayser family and turkey hunting as a spring tradition, copyright Mark Kayser

Most of all, I remember my past hunts with my wife and kids. Start planning and make some memories of your own … minus the hookers of course.

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