Why do you hunt? It’s a question that can be difficult at best to describe, especially when responding to non-hunters. Forget an explanation. You’re here because you live to hunt. Me too! Join me for ongoing blogs, updates and outdoor pursuits. Stream hunting strategies right to your fingertips through my videos, shop for gear and check out outfitters. Most of all enjoy the hunt!

Despite the glamour of being an outdoor writer and host for TV hunting shows I’m a pretty average guy. I was born in the farm town of Dell Rapids, South Dakota, smack in the middle of corn country. Hunting gophers at my grandpa’s acreage ignited my desire to chase South Dakota’s most famous immigrant the ring-necked pheasant. My first deer was a whitetail buck that fell to a garage-sale bow and as they say, they rest is history. My passion for hunting embraced most species, but by college I was full throttle for antlers. From whitetails I graduated to mule deer, pronghorns and eventually was able to put together a trip for elk.

Today I’ve hunted on three continents, throughout the United States and across Canada. In addition to hunting antlered and horned game I never pass on a black bear hunt, and wintertime predator hunts fill my weekends over the NFL. Finally, I’m a shed antler addict that isn’t looking to enroll in a 12-step program. I embrace the affliction whenever time allows.

So far this doesn’t sound like the lifestyle of an average guy. But wait. I’m married to a great wife and have two aspiring children. Their ever-changing activities and schedules keep my wife and me exhaustingly busy. You know that drill if you have kids! Plus, we live on a small ranch that includes two saddle horses, a mule that thinks it is a Labrador retriever and a border collie that is more intelligent than me. Our home is in the foothills of the Wyoming Bighorn Mountains and provides a great launching pad for instant adventure.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. If you love hunting keep dropping by for my latest hunts, new hunting strategies and gear reviews. And if you need more information about me click on the Mark Exposed link.

I’ll see you in the backcountry!