Stay in Hunting School 365 Days a Year

_MG_3443, copyright Mark Kayser editIf you’re a dedicated hunter you should always strive to learn as much as you can about your intended target. That means never dodging a lesson. I’m a student of the outdoors. I spend every hour available hunting, scouting and studying my intended target. I was reminded of this on my recent trip to Anticosti Island, Quebec, to hunt with Sepaq Anticosti. Like many urban and protected areas, the island whitetails have become comfortable with suburbia and its human inhabitants. The deer were so relaxed they allowed you to interact with them and some actually have become quite proficient as beggars for handouts. Amusement aside, we had time to waste between flights, but instead of watching another Youtube video I spent time studying the whitetail behavior of a true reality show. How often do you get a ringside seat to watch deer assert dominance, browse on vegetation, interact with the herd and analyze predator situations like a bright blue Prius? I would never advise anyone to interact with wild deer, but after watching some of the town residents I felt safe, especially since the rut was a distant memory. Our delayed flight finally arrived, but the extra time on the ground in Anticosti was not wasted and I added another degree of learning to my never-ending hunting studies. Hornady, Cabela’s, CVA Muzzleloaders, Nikon.

_MG_3507, copyright Mark Kayser



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