Graduation Portraits

_MG_1725, copyright Mark Kayser

Can you imagine a high school yearbook allowing this photo of my son Cole in its pages today? Follow the jump and you can see my graduation photo back in the day (wannabe Chuck Adams). It’s unfortunate that society looks at firearms with such ignorance today. You can bet that other youth will be allowed to have their photos published with footballs, baseball bats, horses, hot rods and you name it.

Cole’s passion is firearms. He can strip, fix, tweak and outfit most firearms, especially tactical models, with more precision than most gunsmiths. He’s now my go-to guy when I have firearm questions and I rely on him to help me sight-in and test new products like Hornady’s real-deal with its Precision Hunter/ELD-X ammo. He’s been adding furniture to my home-defense AR and it is rocking! During our recent trip to Vegas for SHOT Show, Cole stood on equal footing every time we discussed firearms with industry reps. It was gratifying to see how he’s matured and educated himself in an industry he respects.

Unfortunately, because society views firearms as evil he can’t share his passion of shooting like his other high school peers photographed beside a 69 Chevelle or holding a tennis racket. I know I’m preaching to the choir, but this PC garbage has moved beyond common sense.

DSCN3909, copyright Mark Kayser

Cole has some big decisions for his future and several prestigious institutions are tugging to land him on their soil. I’ll share that when the time is right, but for now we’re all pretty proud of Cole at the Kayser household and the photo of him with is AR is the one we will hang proudly on the wall.

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