New and Improved

Kayser in shock over his 200-class whitetail, copyright Mark Kayser

The wait is over. There’s no need to stand in long lines. It’s the free gift that just keeps on giving.

OK, I’m hyping the launch of my updated website like Cabela’s promotes a new outdoor product, but I do think you’ll find some useful information hidden within the depths of If you don’t find any useful informationĀ at least the site will entertain you and as advertised, it is free!

What’s inside? You’ll find weekly news that includes hunting strategies, new gear releases and simple, outdoor fun. I’ll share what I’m doing in the outdoors along with hunting success. You can dive further into the website and research products I use, outfitter recommendations and view videos that all focus on hunting success. For those of you that like photo albums and want to learn more about me, there’s an icon for that as well. If you want to read even more articles than the current news on the site, you can find links to the hunting publications where I’m published and track down the TV shows I’m currently co-hosting. In short, you’ll find everything hunting at What are you waiting for? Click on this link and share it with everyone you know including the homeless guy living under the bridge!

_MG_3058, copyright Mark Kayser edit

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