Warne Ranches

Warne Ranches outfits hunters for pheasant, waterfowl and trophy prairie whitetails in central South Dakota. Outfitter Cody Warne manages his property for optimum habitat and the indescribable amount of game is evidence of his dedicated work. Antlers or feathers, regardless of your hunt dreams, you won’t be disappointed hunting at Warne Ranches.

“He’s been hanging in that standing cornfield most of the fall. If you can figure a way to stalk him in that mess, be my guest.” Cody Warne, Warne Ranches, pointed me in the direction of the cornfield giant and with cameraman in tow I spotted the buck just before it bedded in a strip of standing corn. On hands and knees we slipped down an adjacent row, looked a doe in the eye at six yards and the field erupted. I jumped to my feet, leveled my rifle and ended the hunt with a Hornady round dropping the running buck at 40 yards.

Visit Warne Ranches’ website.

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