True North Outfitters

True North Outfitters, owned by Jeff Downing, is about as far north as you can get in Alberta. Jeff runs a comfortable tent camp for some of North America’s biggest and boldest black bears. He’ll also accommodate free-range bison hunts and moose hunts. It’s the adventure you’ve been waiting for and can afford.

“He’s coming back. Get ready. He’ll be at less than nine yards when he gets here.” Jeff Downing, True North Outfitters, and I couldn’t believe it. We were making all kinds of noise constructing a ground blind when the huge boar black bear walked by the bait site. Now he was back and I had to stay calm for a face to face encounter with the giant. My Mathews came to draw easily and I slipped a broadhead right behind the shoulder to bring my Alberta hunt to fruition.

Visit True North’s website.

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