Stockton Outfitters, LLC

Montana-based Stockton Outfitters is run by Mark Shutey, a well-rounded outdoorsman. Shutey outfits in southwestern Montana for elk, deer and his specialty, black bears. Shutey bases out of camps ranging from cabins to cozy tents depending on the hunt requirements.

“There he is. He heard the call and he’s on his way.”  Mark Shutey, Stockton Outfitters, and I had been on a tough hunt. A blizzard had dumped more than a foot of snow and killed two days of the short hunt, but it looked like everything was about to turn around with the bruin headed our way. Despite Shutey’s best effort we didn’t fill on that hunt, but I know that his calling skills are the tops when it comes to black bears and elk.

Visit Stockton’s website.

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