SBG Hunts

MMH12, Mark Kayser with Nebraska Sandhills muzzleloader muley, copyright Mark KayserSBG Hunts is a small, family-run operation that brings a personalized approach to your trophy deer hunt with a Nebraska backdrop. Their focus is on trophy mule deer, but they also have giant whitetails in the area that may tempt you in the middle of your hunt.

“Watch your hold. That wind is howling and it could push your bullet off target.” The advice was appreciated from Eric Ravenscroft, owner of SBG Hunts as I focused my Nikon reticle on the mule deer buck bedded below. I was hunting with my muzzleloader, but we had crawled into a great position and when the smoke cleared I was astonished to see the buck folded up in the draw below.

Visit SBG Hunt’s website.

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