Perkins Outfitters

Perkins Outfitters operates under the direction of owner Bill Perkins. His region includes eastern Montana country brimming with opportunity for trophy mule deer, whitetail deer, pronghorn, turkey and predators. It’s a small business with big results.

“It will take some patience, but if you wait inside the old homestead house I’ll guarantee you a big buck will pass by.” Bill Perkins, Perkins Outfitters, knew the pattern of the whitetails like the back of his hand. I’m no stranger to waiting so my son Cole and I set up camp in the porcupine-infested building. As the sun set in the west a big whitetail sauntered into range. He was set on pushing a younger buck off the field and I didn’t waste time on getting a Nikon rangefinder read on the five by five buck. My Hornady SST bullet helped pave the way to another exciting TV episode of whitetail hunting.

Visit Perkin’s website.

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