Big Buck Outfitters, Inc

Big Buck Outfitters, owned by outfitter Brian Beisher, is a full-service guiding business that consistently puts clients in shooting range, bow and rifle, of bucks, and bulls. Whether you want to hunt Wyoming or Montana, he’ll set up an expedition for mule deer, whitetail deer, elk, pronghorn or turkey.

“There’s a cold front moving in. I guarantee those whitetails in the foothills will show themselves tonight.” Brian Beisher, Big Buck Outfitters, was dead serious as he set me on a track up the mountain toward a rendezvous with a Wyoming whitetail. As the clouds obscured the setting sun I spotted a candidate feeding in a brush pocket too far away for a shot. With sprint speed my guide and I dashed, and then crawled to a shooting perch. My Hornady load ended the hunt with a slam-dunk, 300-yard shot.

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